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Why Should Hospitals Provide Hospital Uniforms and Scrubs to Their Employees?

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So the question buzzes around your head.

“Should the hospitals provide hospital uniforms and scrubs to the healthcare staff?”

The response is- YEAH!!!

If we closely speculate into the healthcare sectors, medical uniforms and scrubs (medical work wear) literally thump on an employee’s level of comfort, conviction and professionalism- Yes or No?

Not going out-of-box much, let’s quickly illuminate ourselves with one/two medical work wear terminology so that you can relate better later.

What are scrubs?

Scrubs are sanitary garments consisting of a ‘short sleeve shirt’ and a ‘pant.’

They come in various colors designated to each medical professional according to their position. (Light green, light blue, light grey shade and many more)

Instead of the traditional donning (a dress, apron and a cap) alternatively, scrubs are used as nursing uniforms.

Scrubs set the health workers apart from the general crowd.

What are medical gowns?

Also known as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Healthcare professionals don medical gowns to protect them from the spread of infection or illness when in proximity to vulnerable patients.

PPEs have been of enormous help during the Covid pandemic.

The worthiness of medical work wear

To look professional

To maintain a sense of professionalism and preserve the brand reputation, a hospital should make medical scrubs provisions to their healthcare team (physicians, nurses, and related staff).

The monogrammed uniforms reflect the staff’s dedication, integrity and responsibility, which are hardcore aspects of professionalism.

The medical personnel hence tends to excel in his/her field and become a successful person.

Easy rapport build-up with the patients

Patients tend to perceive that a prim & proper professionally dressed health personnel is more ethical and reliable to seek help, advice and medical care than non-uniformed ones.

Medical work wear cost is minimized for the staff.

If the hospital takes the accountability of providing clean uniforms to the health care workers daily, then the burden of purchasing suitable clothing is curtailed.

Consistency is maximized through hassle-free maintenance.

At individual responsibility, it becomes arduous to maintain the cleanliness of uniforms or to launder them.

Even the process is time-consuming.

So, when the hospital takes charge of providing and maintaining the uniforms, the staff gets extra productive time to serve the patients consistently.

Hospital uniforms are confidence-booster

Proper attire vehemently escalates the level of confidence in doctors, nurses and other staff.

Their efficiency gets a hike, and thus, they can live up to the hype.

The color code as distinction purpose

It becomes convenient for the hospital administration to distinguish among the staff belonging to various departments and allot the specific duty.

Safeguarding against contamination

Cleanliness is next to godliness for all hospitals worldwide, and it should be for everyone’s betterment.

Be it scrubs, nurse uniforms, medical gowns, prevent the employees from getting contaminated with pathogens and spreading it further within the hospital premises.

A healthcare uniform rental service established in the hospital premises makes sure that they remove their uniforms at the end of their duty. Using the latest technology cleaning process, the rental service workers make the uniform to-be-used again for the next day.

If the health workers purchase their uniforms and clean them at home, the risk of infection remains.

It can be used wisely to endorse a hospital brand.

Hospital administration can use medical scrubs of their health personnel for advertising their hospital’s brand and distinguish itself from the contenders in the race. It’s a great form of marketing strategy.

Medical uniforms provide a sense of oneness, togetherness and belongingness.

By wearing complementary scrubs or uniforms in every department, healthcare professionals develop a great sense of team spirit.

Hospital uniforms can be used as a tax-deductible tool.

Hospitals can expect to alleviate the tax expenses when they file monogrammed medical scrubs, medical gowns etc., as a work-related cost.

To wind up,

Engendering healthcare professionals and support staff with uniforms evoke a sense of pride in their workplace, improve their morale and make them more profitable towards patients’ care.

Hence, every hospital should assuredly set ethical uniform codes!