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Tips to Select The Best Hotel Uniform Supplier in India

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Whether you are gearing up for a new seasonal makeover or making a new start in the hotel industry, uniforms for your staff will be the most important point of your consideration. And, why not? After all, a hotel uniform is the very identity of your staff and the means to create your brand image. Only through a proper work uniform, you can develop a healthy, safer and productive work environment in your restaurant. When you have impressive and
comfortable restaurant uniform, your staff will love to wear it and this will also distinguish your brand from others thereby promoting your restaurant among the masses.

So, when uniform is so important for your hotel business, it’s duly necessary for you to get the best of it. And, when best hotel uniform is your need, making the right decision with your hotel uniform supplier is mandatory. Searching out the best hotel & restaurant uniform supplier in India, can be a very daunting task as there are a huge number of suppliers across the country. Hence, it’s necessary that you have got a much clearer idea of what you
actually need, what type of uniforms you need for your staff across different work verticals in your hotel, your budget constraints, uniform customization and quantity requirements, delivery, quality and various other factors which can help you determine an appropriate supplier for your needs.

Here’s a list of factors that can help you determine the best restaurant uniform supplier in India.

Check The Local Suppliers

When selecting to source uniforms for your hotel staff, preference should always be given to local suppliers as compared to the suppliers across the other parts of the country. For example, if you have a hotel business in New Delhi, then look out for the best hotel uniform supplier in New Delhi and Mumbai. rather than getting uniforms sourced from the best restaurant uniform suppliers in Hyderabad and Mumbai.

This is because when you are sourcing uniform from a local supplier you can be assured of cost effectiveness and sourcing ease as you do not have to import them and moreover, you can also have quality in check as you can yourself visit the supplier’s manufacturing unit in order to understand how they make them, the type of material or fabric used, the staff size available with supplier for manufacturing and sourcing the requirements of clients within time and their work process. For any queries or doubts, you would be able to contact them easily when they are just a few miles away from you.

Product & Print Quality

Secondly, product and print quality can be the most important factor to determine the best of all. Aspects like wear resistance, tear resistance, color fastness, fabric quality can determine the product quality sourced by the supplier. Always select the suppliers who can give you unique and durable print quality for your staff uniforms. Customization of the product and prints is something you need to check out before selecting supplier.

Variety is Must

Prefer suppliers who can offer you the most variety with designs, colors and fabrics for your uniform selection. Suppliers offering custom embroidery, custom logo embedding, business tagline embedding can be preferred for added advantage. When you need a uniform customized for your hotel, you need a supplier who can customize each and every detail for you.

Cross-Checking For A Safer Selection

Always cross-check your supplier’s information like their experience in the industry, their manpower, their previous clients and their rate of satisfaction with the supplier, their location and work process etc.

On-time Delivery

Never neglect the delivery accuracy of your supplier. Check out whether they source their orders within time or not. Try to find out from their previous clients and cross-check their delivery process and sourcing staff size in order to find whether they can source bulk orders in time as well. Hence, with all this factors examined, you have just found out the best uniform supplier for your hotel who can source you the uniforms just the way you need.