Uplift Your Restaurant/Banquet Ambience

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Whether it is a table cloth, a chair cover or a table napkin, when matched in…

the right way with each other to complement your restaurant/banquet ambiance, they can create an appealing outlook for the perpetual impression on customer’s mind.

Basics to Uplift Your Restaurant/Banquet Ambiance

Gone are the days when restaurant table cloth was a mere top covering for table and napkins were mere wiping/cleaning materials given to the customers. Today, table linens have become an integral part of a restaurant’s ambiance and are carefully selected to add aesthetic appeal to it. Restaurant table linens come in different styles, sizes, colors, and shapes and hence, choosing the right table cloth, napkins and chair covers can transform your restaurant/banquet space to the next level.

The modern restaurant/banquet industry is all about offering a fine dining experience to the customers through mouth-watering food served in an extremely delightful atmosphere. Yes, it’s all about creating a sophisticated outlook with an interesting interior tone using the right mix and match of colors, attractive linens, restaurant table napkinsand chair covers to attract customers.

With draping table frills and soft napkins made of high-quality linen products, your tables can look significantly clear and appealing as compared to the bare tables.  You can add elegance to your restaurant/banquet space or set the tone of any event organized in your banquet with the right combination of table linens and chair covers.

Moreover, adding linen products on your tables will significantly minimize the noise levels inside the restaurant. They can submerge the sounds created by glass clanking, plates, spoons etc., and help create a peaceful atmosphere so that your customers have a sound and enjoyable dining experience.

How to Select Your Restaurant/Banquet Basics?

Whatever be the type of event organized in your restaurant or banquet, wedding party, birthday bash, company lunch or an award giving ceremony, basics can play an important role to set the tone of your restaurant/banquet space for the event. The right basics can transform the event from simple to spectacular in just seconds.

Hence, you should know how to select your restaurant basics in order to create fine dining experiences for your customers whether it is just an occasional visitor to an event.

Style & Color

Gone are the days when you had limited style and color options to experiment with your table linens. Today, you have a large plethora of standout designs and rich colors to match almost any decor or theme. Table linens are now available in various shapes and styles as well. Get the stylish linens for your tables to add classiness to your restaurant space.

Size & Shape Really Matter

You need to determine the right dimensions and shape of your linens to cover your tables in the best way possible. For the rectangular ones, measure the length and breadth of your table along with the desired drop range. While it remains the same for the square ones too, for the round tables you need to measure the diameter of your tables along with drop measurement to choose the right fit linens. However, if your tables are non-traditionally shaped or say irregularly shaped or sized, all you need to do is to add few more inches to the length and width of your table to find the best match linens.

Texture & Quality

The restaurant table cloth can come in different materials like cotton, polyester and linen products. However, linens are the most preferred table cloth versions that can add a touch of elegance to your tables. However, if you are preferring softer and smooth fabrics for your linens, always prefer linens with a higher thread count because more thread count means finer threads. But, these softer versions are not so durable, hence, if durability is something you want, then prefer linens with low thread count.

Always prefer high-quality table linens over cheaper fabric linens to give your customers a feel of luxury. With exceptional grade table cloth, napkins and chair covers for your restaurant, you can go an extra mile to please your customers.