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Hotel Uniforms

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Gear Up for The Hotel Season This Summer. Dress Your Staff in The Best Uniform to Create An Impression.

Hotel season is right here! As the summer approaches, it’s time for holidays and outing. Most of the hotels and restaurants run busy this time of the year. Hence, every hotel or restaurant duly prepares for this time of the year in order to make better profits and create lasting impression on their customers. However, while many of them understand, there are a few hotel businesses around that take hotel uniforms for granted. This can be a great mistake as uniforms are of great importance in hospitality industry.

Importance of Hotel/Restaurant Uniforms

Proper uniform can create an identity for your hotel or restaurant business. Top hotel businesses like Ramada, Radisson Blu or Hyatt have properly dressed staff in unique uniforms that helps them create long lasting impression on the minds of their customers. Having company logo printed on your hotel/restaurant uniform can eventually promote your hotel business even without having to pay for it.

Dressing up in an uniform helps your staff to stay focused on their work and gives them a sense of equality and professionalism regardless of where they belong to, their personal background, history etc. Uniform promotes sense of work among your staff and sets them in the right frame of mind while reminding them constantly that they are at work and they should remain attentive to their customers.

Apart from professionalism and branding, a proper and clean uniform is also important with regards to hygiene and comfort factors. For example, a chef dressed in a clean, proper kit with chef cap, chef coat and kitchen apron enables maintaining hygiene, guards their bodies from extreme temperatures in the kitchen and protects their clothes from all the spilling that happens during the food preparation.

Much more than everything, a proper restaurant uniform shall give a welcoming appearance to your staff as they greet and meet your customers. This will also set a professional atmosphere for your guests.

Different Uniforms for Different Staff

While you need a hotel uniform for your staff, it’s also important to distinguish between uniforms of different levels of staff for easy recognition like kitchen staff, front desk staff, housekeeping etc. Your staff needs a uniform according to their role and duty. For example, the way your front desk staff is dressed tells your customers what kind of hotel or restaurant establishment you are. Hence, you need to have great ideas of uniform for front office staff members because sharp and smartly dressed staff can very well please your guests to come back again. Moreover, uniform for housekeeping staff will showcase your sense of professionalism in front of your guests and will considerably inject the feeling of a team among the staff as well. Your kitchen and dining staff will interact considerably with your guests and they need to have a proper uniform as well that is practical with their job. For example, while a chef needs a chef cap, chef apron and chef coat to work constantly in a kitchen, waitress and waiters need a clean uniform with aprons for factors like hygiene and appearance.

So, a proper, clean and attractive uniform can say much more about your hotel or restaurant business than you can think. It will make your business stand out from others and give your customers a perfect sense of professionalism that you have. Hence, gear up your staff this summer with proper uniform to make them stand out as your brand ambassadors.