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Catering Uniforms in India – What Are They All About?

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Best Catering Uniforms in India

We, The Indians love our food and spices for sure. We certainly have home-made food on a regular basis, but are always in awe of street and restaurant foods. We enjoy the spiciness, the blend of flavors and rich variety in cuisines that restaurants here give us. Hence, no doubt hotels & restaurants in India are so popular and account for a major commercial and industrial sector. There’s certainly tough competition in this industry and therefore, every hotel and restaurant business has to catch up with their competitors through best practices and tactics.

No doubt, good food and hygiene matters above everything, but one thing that hotels and restaurant businesses in India are now focusing is the attire of their employees. After all, it’s the look of the staff that creates first impression on the minds of the customers in the catering industry. Moreover, a properly dressed and neat looking employee will surely leave an impression of hygienic and disciplined work environment in a hotel.

Focusing towards the catering service uniform, Indian restaurant and hotel businesses have set the standards based on aspects like functionality, branding and safety. A good uniform is considered the one that’s truly functional, gives a business its face, instills confidence and team spirit in employees and helps employees to their job with ease and safely.

Catering uniform includes different things like chef coat, chef cap, chef aprons, overalls, jackets, trousers, promotional t shirts etc. Usually these are customized according to requirements of every restaurant like a chef apron may be embroidered with the name of the chef and company logo for a professional look and the catering service staff may be required to wear promotional t shirts and caps with company name and logo imprinted on it.

However, its quite obvious that cookery and kitchen work wear requires being comfortable, practical and professional at the same time. It’s all about hygiene and safety when it comes to working in kitchens for long hours. Here one has to deal with warm temperatures, sharp cutting objects, greasy cooking materials and much more. Hence, a properly fabricated chef coat or jacket can help the food makers a long way to deal themselves from all these.

Chef coat is mostly preferred in black and white colors as it is said that the food handlers should wear clean and light colored clothes. These are made of comfortable and protective fabrics like the blended PV or PC fabrics to make the chef job much easier and safe. These are easily washable and facilitate easy removal of stains and dirt. They come in short or long sleeves and are usually professionally stitched with finished collars and cuffs.

Where to Find The Best Catering Uniforms in India?

It’s easy sourcing catering uniforms as there are professional uniform suppliers all over the country from North to South and East to West. Hence, whether you are in search of catering uniform or a professional chef coat supplier, you can easily find one with a finger tap on your cell phone. This is because the catering & chef coat uniforms suppliers in India have gone online these days just as every other business and hence, it’s now much easier to locate catering uniform in India than earlier.

Unifab India is one such ideal uniform supplier in India sourcing requirements of various work wear and uniforms through its branches all over and also through online methods. The professional uniform supplier sources the catering uniforms in different fabrics, styles and according to customized requirements of the clients. Right from promotional t shirts to chef aprons, chef coats to dust coats, boiler suits to front office wear, they source all types of work wear to meet the needs of different business verticals.

Hence, whether you are looking for catering uniform or a chef coat, Unifab has covered all your work wear requirements almost everywhere in India.